Why Mobile Messaging?

  • Easy and quick to send information to user over their mobile phone
  • All the phone supports SMS
  • SMS can be triggered from any web or local application
  • Real time information alerts
  • It strengthen the response bond
  • Most common way to inform user about their needs

How to send messages?

Using online systems
  • Send SMS from a web based systems. Using web based application client can access features like phone book, See stats, MIS etc.
  • Access the online portal from any place office or home
  • Easy tracking of SMS and their delivery status
  • Quick recharge by an online payment gateway
  • Large quantity of SMS can be broadcasted
  • Multiple users for different business units
Using API or SMPP connections
  • Send SMS using HTTP protocol by calling web services
  • Can be used with any CRM or ERP
  • Can be integrated with any database using stored procedure
  • Real time SMS alerts containing information pertaining to finance, operations, administration, inventory etc
  • Quick recharge by an online payment gateway
  • Can send SMS on events (such as server alerts or job scheduling texts)